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Anipro for your animal health in Taralga, Goulburn and Crookwell

Taralga Rural has been the Anipro distributor in Southern NSW since 2010. We believe that Taralga Rural’s strong animal health knowledge ensures that we can provide the best solution for your animal health needs.

When it comes to liquid supplementation, Anipro is the recognized leader and this program ensures that you, the customer, receive this quality product with ease, no capital cost and an exceptional level of service. Contact us about Anipro for animal health

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Anipro southern nsw Anipro liquid supplement for Production

When producing top quality beef, lamb or wool products, you can’t just rely on good seasonal conditions. You need to make the most of what you have – whether it’s fresh or mature forage.

Anipro liquid supplements are the recognize leader in liquid supplementation for grazing livestock for a number of reasons:

animal liquid supplement Maximum Production Potential

For the majority of the year, paddock forage is high in fibre and low in protein, and unlikely to meet the total nutritional requirements of cattle or sheep – particularly during late gestation, lactation and periods of high stress and/or growth. Anipro will help stock to digest and utilize available feed. Plus Anipro’s balanced nutrient profile, formulated to NRC (National Research Council) recommendations assists stock to reach their optimum genetic potential.

Quality Product

Anipro has been developed using the best manufacturing processes and ingredients, all in accordance with National Research Council (NRC) guidelines, ensuring accurate supply of required nutrient – protein, essential minerals and vitamins

cattle nutrition The RumaPro™ Advantage

Anipro contains RumaPro – a unique non-protein nitrogen (NPN) ingredient specifically developed to provide a safe, sustained release ammonia source for ruminants. RumaPro remains available for up to 12 hours following ingestion. This is up to three times longer than conventional urea.

livestock nutrition Full service program

Our trained specialists know exactly which Anipro program is best for your animals. We will work out intake targets based on available forage and status of your animals. We can then regulate consumption to make sure that animals get the supplemental nutrients they need.

animal health No labour or capital costs

There is no need for you to invest in either capital or labour. Anipro provide all troughs required and we deliver product direct to those troughs for you.

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