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Agronomy services and agronomy advice for farms in Taralga, Goulburn and Crookwell

Free consultationOur agronomy services are a vital part of our business and we pride ourselves on providing practical agronomic solutions to our clients, based on the good knowledge of their paddocks, objectives and budget. We approach all business with the philosophy that our clients success and satisfaction is integral to the growth and success of our business.

Our agronomy business is headed up by Bryn. He studied Agricultural Science at Sydney University, is a member of Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (AIAST) and has been helping customers grow profitable pastures and crops in this district for over 10 years. Contact us ifyou have any questions or concerns about your farm

Taralga Rural Agronomy services include:-

agronomy services

Local Paddock Knowledge

Having practiced agronomy in the area for more than 10 years, Bryn has a good knowledge of paddock histories and their treatments, successes and issues.

Local Trial Work in Taralga and Goulburn

We actively conduct trial work in the area to ensure seed varieties that we recommend are the best species for this district. Taralga climate and conditions is significantly different to other areas, even Goulburn, and hence trial work is an integral part of ensuring we offer the best agronomic service to our clients.

On farm Paddock Visits

We consider it essential that any recommendations must first come from an understanding of the paddocks in question. Soil composition is not the only element to fertilizer and sowing recommendations - paddock aspect, weeds, pests, soil type, access and obstructions are also vital in ensuring we come up with a recommendation that will not only succeed, but meet our clients goals and budgets.

Weed, Pest Control and Disease Control Recommendations

We can assist in the identification and the control of weeds and pests. Our goal is to ensure weed and pest control recommendations are in line with client’s objectives and so are viewed in line with fertilizer and sowing plans to ensure no unnecessary expense is incurred, but that weeds and pests are effectively controlled.

Accredited Soil Testing and Plant Tissue Testing and recommendations

We collect soil/plant tissue samples to industry standards to ensure the best representation in the paddocks specified.

These soil/plant tissue samples are then sent to a NATA accredited lab for testing with the raw data returned to us. From here we formulate our recommendation and paddock budgets by incorporating this information with knowledge from paddock inspection and a good understanding of our clients goals and resources.

Water Testing

We can also have water tested by an accredited laboratory.

Advice on seed varieties and fertilizer requirements

We have access to a number of leading seed and fertilizer suppliers. Combining this with local trial work and good preparatory work through paddock inspections, soil tests and collaboration with our clients, we can offer advice on the best seed and fertilizer requirements for your paddock.

Custom blended seed and fertilizer to meet exact requirements

More of our clients are looking to meet exact sowing and fertilizer needs. As such we are well equipped to recommend and supply custom blended seed and/or fertilizer.

Pasture Management and Production advice

Our agronomy services include ensuring that pasture performance is maximized by assisting with grazing management plans, weed controls and hay/silage production as required.

Complete paddock plans incorporating full budget

Our agronomic recommendations include a complete paddock budget which allows you to see the full cost of your plans, including contractor costs for spraying, sowing and spreading as required. We believe that by providing this information, we can work with you to come up with the best outcome that fits within your available resources.

Management of contractors to ensure entire job gets completed

We work closely with a network of spray contractors, sowing contractors and fertilizer spreaders to ensure that the entire project gets completed efficiently and as expected by our clients.

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